Academic Buildings

The IEE is dispersed in five academic buildings:

1. Academic building № 15 ( 27, Lenina avenue),

Ленина 272. Academic buildings № 9 (37, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya)

3. Academic buildings № 10 (60, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya).

Покровская 604. Academic building № 15 ( 1, Tretya Yamskaya)

Ямская5. Academic building № 2 ( 23, Gagarina avenue)



Students of the IEE live in a comfortable dormitory, located in campus. Students are offered accommodation in rooms equipped with necessary furniture and bedding. All the rooms in the dormitory are equipped with access points to the Internet. Toilets, showers and kitchen are located on the same floor. In the dormitory each floor also has a room for training sessions. Near the hostel there are student canteen, shops, banks, sports facilities. The security services in the students’ dormitory is  provided by round-the-clock security.

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The main library of the IEE is situated in Academic building № 15 (27, Lenina avenue), but there are reading-halls in Academic buildings № 9 (37, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya) and 10 (60, Bolshaya Pokrovskaya).

Working hours:

Monday — Friday —9. a.m — 6 p.m.

Saturday —9. . a.m — 3 p.m.

Sunday — day-off

Lending department:

Monday — Friday —9 a.m — 4p.m.

Saturday and Sunday — days-off

tel: (831) 240 09 54

Canteen and Cafeterias

During breaks and after studies students can eat and spend time at Canteen and Cafeterias which are situated in all academic buildings.

Sport Facilities

The IEE has several sports facilities: gyms, stadiums, water pool etc.