Research Work at the Institute

1. Framework Academic Cooperation Agreements

2. Scientific Seminars

From 10 to 12 March 2015

— prof. dr. Allard van Riel (Radboud University)chairs the Marketing group in the Business Administration Department of the Nijmegen School of Management. He also is Vice Dean of Research and Director of the Institute for Management Research, the Research Institute of the Nijmegen School of Management.


Doctoral Seminar: Publishing in International Journals

Methods Seminar: Structural Equation Modeling with PLS (SmartPLS, Adanco, PLS-Graph etc.)

Theory: Service Innovation Management, Service Marketing

Materials of the lectures are available here by a request

From 27 to 29 April 2015

— prof. Maurizio Pompella (University of Siena), BSc, MSc-Banking, Ph.D-Political Economy

Certified Full Professor of Financial Intermediaries Economics

Senior Lecturer — Risk and Insurance

Economics and Management of Financial Intermediaries MSc — Dean


  • How to do Scientific Research: Basic Concepts, Purposes, Approaches;
  • How to write a Good Paper: Literature Review, Results, Submitting and Publication;
  • Scientific Research Methods in Economics: Peculiarities and Resources;
  • The Role of Statistics Scientific Research: Definitions and Statistical Measures, Data Analysis, Methods and Tools, Models.

October, 1 2015

  • Roman Matousek (Kent University), Kent Business School, Professor of Banking and Finance (Kent University), Director of the Research Centre for EMEA Banking, Finance and Economics, Programme Director of the MSc International Banking and Finance programme


«Do rating agencies exhibit herding behaviour? Evidence from sovereign ratings»

3. Research Topics on the Departments

  1. Department of Accounting
  2. Department of Business Economics
  3. Department of Commerce
  4. Department of Culture and Psychology of Entrepreneurship
  5. Department of Economic Theory and Methodology
  6. Department of Economics of a Firm
  7. Department of Finance & Credit
  8. Department of Information Systems in Finance & Credit
  9. Department of Information Technology and Instrumental Methods of Economics
  10. Department of Legal Support for Economic and Innovation Activities
  11. Department of Management and Public Administration
  12. Department of Mathematical and Natural Sciences
  13. Department of Mathematical Modeling of Economic Processes
  14. Department of Service and Tourism
  15. Department of the World Economy and Regional Markets
  16. Department of University Management and Innovations in Education

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