The Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship offers different training programmes for foreign students.  It is the largest unit of the University in the number of foreign students.

The total number of international students is 26% of the total number of all foreign students studying at the UNN.

In comparison with previous year the total number of foreign students increased by 24%, as for the students of the first year the number grew up by 41%.

The share of first and second courses accounts for 64% of the total number of international students in the IEE.

total number of international students

Bachelor’s students dominate in the structure of foreign students. The proportion of students enrolled in graduate programs is increasing significantly. Over the past year the growth amounted to 3.8 times. Masters of first year is 79% of the total number of master’s degrees students. International students are enrolled  in full-time and correspondence forms of training. Students coming from Asian and African countries prefer full-time, part-time study are mainly used by students  from CIS.

part-time study

Among foreign students the most popular fields of studies are Economics, Management, Custom affairs.

popular fields of studies

Students from the CIS countries and the former USSR dominate in the structure across countries; it’s more than 70%.

The highest share is represented by China and Turkey. Many students come from African countries such as Algeria, Egypt, Cameroon, the Congo, etc.


In the structure of the CIS countries the leading position is occupied by Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan, these two countries account for 58% of the total number of students from the CIS.

countries SNG