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Bachelor’s Degree Programmes

The IEE and the Faculty for international students offer a Bachelor’s degree programme in Economics.

Students graduating with a degree in Economics are highly qualified specialists combining both the theoretical and practical knowledge in all fields of economic activity, they are ready to carry out analytical, research, consulting, administrative and teaching work.

The programme includes such courses as » Microeconomics”, “Macroeconomics», «World Economy and International Economic Relations”, “Economic Policy”, “Regional Economy and Policy», « International Finance”, etc.

The teaching process is based on modern approaches such as critical thinking development, case study, cooperative learning, problem-based learning, individual instructional experiences outside the classroom during internships and practical placements, and e-learning.

Students of economics are actively involved in various international programs of academic mobility, including some double degree programs. This testifies to the high quality of the UNN’s educational programs recognized by Russian and international academic community.

International students are offered two training options (specializations), both opening up first-rate possibilities for employment worldwide: International Economics & Markets and Finance & Credit.

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Master’s Degree Programmes

According to the European standards, the master’s degree is the second level of higher education. For admission to a master’s programme you must have a degree in the specialist status (in Russia), bachelor or master of any branch or specialty.

The IEE and the Faculty for international students offer a Master’s degree programme in Management.

A Master’s degree in management is very popular among students who would like to become a potential senior manager, responsible for the strategic development of the company.

The programme is designed to train professionals skilled in market research technology, creation and development of competitive businesses, management of large companies, who can also be involved in research and teaching.


Training in the programme focuses on an in-depth study of:

  • General and specific functions and information technology management;
  • Methods of solving modern operational, tactical and strategic problems of the development of enterprises and organizations;
  • Modern domestic and foreign forms and methods of governance;
  • Internal relationships between supervisors and subordinates, and ways to address specific problems in such relations, with a focus on creating a favorable psychological climate.

The programme includes such courses as «Mathematical Modeling in Financial Management”, “Financial Markets and Financial-Credit Institutions», «Contemporary Problems of Finance”, “Financial and Monetary Management of Economy”, “Finance of Organizations in the Innovation Economy», «Modern Concepts of Financial Management, Investment Management”, etc.

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Dual Degree Programmes

The IEE students can participate in different Dual Degree Programmes offered by University.

Russian and French Bachelor degree programme in «Economics» and «Management» implemented in partnership with Pierre Mendes France University (University of Grenoble 2).

The programme is a parallel distance one year course at Pierre Mendes France University. Students are enrolled at the faculty of economics of Pierre Mendes France University. Students study 3 generalized courses in «Money and Finance», «International Economics», «Industrial Economics» using the technology of distance learning for 1 year.

Joint programme with the University of Siena.

Bachelor degree students (the 3d, the 4th courses) and Master degree students (the 2d course) studying «Economics», «Financial Management», «International Relations», «Information Systems and Technology» participate in the programme. On completion of the programme the students return to UNN and complete training in a corresponding field of science.
The programme of double diploma involves training at the University of Siena for 1 year and passing exams in Italy. The graduates of the programme get simultaneously Russian Bachelor’s Degree as well as Italian one.

The Programme «Russian-Italian University»

The University of Calabria

Bachelor degree students (the 4th course) studying «Economics», «Management», «Applied Mathematics and Computer science», «Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling» participate in the programme. It is necessary to study Italian language for 1 year at UNN to participate in the programme. Fourth year Bachelor degree students go to Italy and are enrolled at the faculty related to their field of science at Calabria University. The course of study lasts for 1 year. On completion of the programme the students pass exams in Italy and return to UNN to complete their training.

The graduates of the programme get two Bachelor degree diplomas Russian and Italian. Second year Master degree students studying «Applied Mathematics and Computer Science», «Mechanics and Mathematical Modeling» may also take part in this programme. The duration of the programme at Calabria University is 1 year. On completion of the programme the students get two Master degree diplomas at UNN and at the University of Calabria.

Contact person: coordinator of the programme Vladimir A. (Alexandrovich) Grishagin