In the course of the last years we are living in a global society, now the Russian education is a part of the international educational system; we monitor world educational trends and aspire to compete.

Russian education should take a worthy place in the world educational market and in science, and we make great efforts to become competitive.

Now there is a struggle for students and for collaboration with corporations within the framework of a global educational market, we try to achieve more money and orders. In this regard, there are such great changes both at the state level and at the level of universities.

The government helps us to compete. The last significant step is the State University Competitiveness Enhancement Program, this program aimed at improving the competitiveness of Russian universities among the world’s leading educational centers. The program was announced in 2013, and the winners were fifteen Russian universities, including the University of Nizhny Novgorod. Now they have left fourteen. The government monitors the quality of the program’s implementing and produces screenings. This program includes ambitious targets, including, for example, the number of articles published by our scientists, the number of foreign students and foreign teachers etc.

The UNN successfully executes a program of competitiveness’ increase among the leading research and educational institutions. Successful participation of the university in ratings of higher education institutions of the world and in the international scientific and educational projects, high creative potential of scientists and students allows the UNN  to be called as a leading university of Russia. Our goal is to occupy a higher place in the world rankings of universities.

The objectives of the University strategy are UNN’s sustainable development as a research and innovation university, ensuring its competitiveness among the world’s leading research and education centers.

In January 2014, the UNN carried out reforms in economic education sphere. We had economic Faculty, financial Faculty and Faculty of Management and Entrepreneurship. On this basis of these three great faculties a new institute called the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship was created.

In the modern university, which wants to be a leader, the following problems should be solved: high-quality education, research and innovation, which give the possibility to enter the educational market, and we implement these three areas in the framework of the Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship.

To improve the quality of education we have strengthened the mathematical training of students. In addition, we pay much attention to international activities. Firstly, we enhance language training. Our students should be familiar with and fluent in English. Secondly, the international exchange will be develop actively. Our students will travel abroad for various programs.

We decided to increase the number of research in the field of economic sciences. In this regard, we encourage the publication activity among staff and students, as well as attract foreign scientists to work in the Institute, within the framework of educational and scientific activities.

In addition, our task is to prepare young innovators, so we require that our graduates obtain deep knowledge, apply creative scientific method, so our student must be an entrepreneur, a self-motivated person who can promote his projects. The Institute has a business incubator which helps students to create and promote small innovative companies.

All of this contributes greatly to the fact that our UNN moved in the world ranking.

International activity of the Institute of Economics and entrepreneurship (IEE) is carried out in accordance with the University Competitiveness Enhancement Program. It aims to establish and develop sustainable links with foreign educational institutions, the strengthening of international cooperation in educational and scientific spheres, the introduction of advanced educational technologies.

International cooperation is a dynamically developing direction in the Institute’s activities creating opportunities for its integration into the international educational space, contributing to the internationalization of education.

Geography of international cooperation of the IEE is continually growing and expanding. The Institute has strong ties with Universities in Italy, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, the Netherlands, the USA and some other countries.

The IEE is actively involved in various international projects and programmes, such as TEMPUS and ERASMUS, which allows to increase the mobility of students and stuff, access to information resources, increase in the research impact and learning efficiency.

In the framework of international programs implementation students, postgraduates and teachers of the Institute regularly hosts training, internship and professional development in foreign universities. Different grants are available for academic stuff and students.

In the framework of international cooperation we create modern educational programmes in Russian and English languages, organize international conferences, seminars and symposia, strengthen cultural ties, develop and enrich the cultural life of the University as a whole.

Lectures by famous scientists from the USA, Italy, Germany and other countries are delivered in the IEE, and Russian lecturers deliver lectures abroad. The Institute participates in various international educational programs. Teachers are preparing students for participation in international competitions. The Institute attracts a lot of foreign students, who study in Russian and in English.